Thursday, June 25, 2009


so, my husband always compares our son to that of stewie griffin from family guy. for anyone that doesn't know who that is, he is the baby on family guy. he says this because our son is constantly moving and he tends to punch, kick and pull on me. i don't think he is trying to kill me like that of stewie but sometimes it sure does feel like it. he gives you those cute loving looks but maybe he is thinking like stewie that he wants to get rid of me. i know it's all jokes but he is really good at hurting me physically sometimes. i just think it's because he needs to constantly be moving. he moves so much that he does all this stuff in his sleep as well or used to anyway. we just recently started crib training him, so he isn't in our room/bed anymore. he is still an angel to me though even though my husband thinks he's trying to hurt me(jk). this has become a running joke between the two of us, since we were watching an episode of family guy.


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