Thursday, January 21, 2010

Maybe Just A Tad Obsessed

So, I know this is totally silly but I just recently finished the Twilight series. Adam has totally been making fun of me for it, but I don't care. It only took me about a week to finish the entire series. I am a bit of a nut and kind of embarrassed about it. It has been kind of nice getting lost in a fantasy world.
I feel kind of like a little teenybopper but whateves I guess. A lot of people told me how great/addictive the series is. I tried real hard to not to read it, but my dad left one of the books here over the holidays and I decided to give it a read. I am just a little sad that the series is over now. I did however like the ending.
I really wish I were good at writing. I really wish I had the ability to write real well. I would love to one-day even if for just myself, to write a book or short story. Maybe someday something good will come to me. I mean Stephanie Meyer had never written anything before this. I find that sort of encouraging. How awesome would it be to have a dream and then write something from that?

Bananas For Bananas!

So, Jonah will seriously eat just about anything. We are real lucky that he isn't a picky eater. His favorite food right now though is bananas. He is seriously obsessed with them. If he sees one, he tries to get hold of it. He totally freaks out when he finds them. He even knows the word banana. So, unless your gonna feed him one, you can't use the word.
He got a toy for Christmas, which is a monkey. The monkey plays songs and names the different shapes on it. The monkey also has a banana attached to it. I swear Jonah is eyeing the banana like he's gonna steal the banana from the monkey. I just think it's cute how obsessed with bananas he is right now.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back That Thing Up

So, for the past couple of weeks Jonah has been backing his booty into us. It's pretty funny. A couple of weeks ago he was playing on the dinner table and started backing his booty up into our friend Beth. Ever since then, he has been doing it. Every time he's doing it we are laughing because we are thinking of that song, Back That Thing Up.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Morning Sickness?

Why do they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day long? This is one of those things people don't tell you about before your pregnant. I guess if they did, nobody would want to procreate. I had it with my first pregnancy, but with the second go round it's freaking awful. I have never felt so awful in all my life. All I want to do is curl up on the couch and sleep all day. I really hope like the last time, it goes away after the first trimester.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here we go again

So, before Christmas we got an early present. We learned that we are having another baby. We are due August 27, which is the day before my birthday. Things needless to say have been a bit crazy around the house. It's been quite difficult trying to keep up with an 11 month old when you just feel nauseated and want to sleep all day. I have been so oober sick this time, I just really hope the second trimester is better. This is way worse than how i felt with Jonah.
Jonah seems to find me not feeling good funny. This morning I was throwing up and he was just cracking up. It's nice to know that my misery is funny to him.
I just got to hope that my sickness gets better. Feeling like poo all day and trying to keep up with a little one is not fun. Here's to hoping that i feel better after 12 weeks.

Jonah's First Christmas

So, i know this is a bit late but things have been a little nutty lately. We had a nice quiet Christmas at home. We woke up early of course and came downstairs. There was a truck sitting under the tree from Jonah's aunt and uncle. He was very into the truck. We really thought he would be so excited to open presents because of the paper, but he was more into the truck than the paper. This was a bit odd for him since he usually prefers paper, boxes, and anything that's not something to play with over toys. We got to video chat with our family which was awesome. It's great being able to see the family with being so far away from home. Thank you skype. We had a quiet day watching movies and hanging out and it was fantastic.