Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here we go again

So, before Christmas we got an early present. We learned that we are having another baby. We are due August 27, which is the day before my birthday. Things needless to say have been a bit crazy around the house. It's been quite difficult trying to keep up with an 11 month old when you just feel nauseated and want to sleep all day. I have been so oober sick this time, I just really hope the second trimester is better. This is way worse than how i felt with Jonah.
Jonah seems to find me not feeling good funny. This morning I was throwing up and he was just cracking up. It's nice to know that my misery is funny to him.
I just got to hope that my sickness gets better. Feeling like poo all day and trying to keep up with a little one is not fun. Here's to hoping that i feel better after 12 weeks.

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