Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our 5th Anniversary Trip to Telluride

A boulder the size of a softball hit our windshield on the way up.
Daddy and Eleanor on our walk back from the park.
Jonah checking stuff out.
Throwing rocks into the river.
The view from the top of the gondola ride.

The kids checking out the scenery on the ride up the mountain.
Daddy and Eleanor on our ride.
Along our river walk.
The kids in the morning on the walk to get mommy and daddy some much needed coffee.
The kids playing while we wait for our pizza.
Gorgeous views everywhere!
Eleanor was a bit fussy the whole time.
This was right next to where we were staying.

A boulder the size of a softball hit the windshield on the way up. Eleanor and Adam on our stroll from the park. The view at the top of our gondola ride. Gorgeous! Kids checking out the scenery on the gondola ride. Daddy and Eleanor on our ride up part of the mountain. This place is huge! Pretty walk. On our walk to get some much needed coffee in the morning. The kids playing around at the bakery/pizza place we went to for dinner. Great food but service wasn't that great. We did go to a great brewpub in town. They had really great brews and the service was excellent! I wish i would have taken some photos from that place. Eleanor was trying to flirt with the waiter, so cute. Telluride is so gorgeous! It was super quite, except for my little Eleanor. It is definitely a place to go and get some much needed R and R.  While Eleanor was fussy for the most part, we still had a good time. This is definitely not the worst trip we have ever been on. As we say a lot around here, maybe next time.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Just some photos on what we have been up to.

Decorating cupcakes at yeah yeah's birthday party!
Running the Father's 5k in September.
Getting artsy on a rainy day.
Picking our peppers out of the garden before the freeze hit.
Getting messy with cookies on a very cold day. Gotta stay warm somehow.