Tuesday, June 23, 2009


so, jonah has never been one of those babies who "sleeps" through the night. he has always woken up at least once to eat or be changed. it was so nice when it was just the one time but now it's more like two or three times a night. he was sleeping in our room for the first four and a half months but we decided it was time for him to move into his room. so, we have begun the dreaded crib training. i know that's why he is waking up so much and i can't blame him. he was sleeping in our room, knowing that mommy and daddy were right there. now he is in the room right next to us, but still all alone. i really miss him being in our room, but know that it's for the best.
i have really gotten use to not getting much sleep. sometimes, i do admit, i take naps when he is, which is awesome.
he also loves to start his day around like 5:30 am and some days i just wish we could get him to go back to sleep. it is really hard to be upset one the cutest thing you've ever seen is smiling and laughing. his smile can make me forget that i am totally sleep deprived. i just love that smile so much, i can't help but be happy. so, i guess getting little sleep isn't so bad after all.

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