Monday, June 29, 2009

warning: cranky mom walking

So, these past few weeks our son has decided to wake up three to four times a night. He used to only wake up once a night around 4:30 am. I could totally handle the one time a night, but four times, yikes. He has always been a pretty good sleeper and now it is awful. I have become so cranky because I am not getting enough sleep. I totally feel bad for my husband because in the morning, look out, I am not very nice anymore. I used to totally be a morning person and now it's like, stay back. We have tried feeding him the rice cereal before bed, as some other women have suggested but still not working. I have no idea why he is like this. If any of you other moms out there have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. My husband would be much appreciative to have his wife back. Sleep is good.


  1. Thanks for the follow. I'm now following your lovely blog.

  2. I'm going to suggest something that most people will balk at, but here goes. My daughter slept with me for many years. I just couldn't bear to be parted from her and I always feared something would happen to her...but that is besides the point. She felt comforted and secure and she SLEPT LIKE A LOG because I was right there and if she did wake, it was so very temporary. So maybe if you give it a try for just a while...maybe he is feeling alone or depressed or scared or growing and having pains. There are so many things. Maybe he is just missing you. Try laying down with him during a nap and see how it works. Give it a few days for you both to get used to it and then it should work like a charm.