Monday, June 22, 2009

honey, we're pregnant

so, i have always known that i wanted to be a mom. i just knew that this was something that being a mom was something i was meant to be. i married my boyfriend of two years and we didn’t wait long to get started. both of us knew and talked about being parents early on in our relationship. we waited about six months after getting married to start trying for a baby. it took about three months to get pregnant. we think it was when we were on our honeymoon in ireland that it happened, at least that’s what we wanted to believe. we waited a while after our wedding to go on a honeymoon. we were lucky enough to have some of my husbands family give that trip as a gift to us for our wedding. it was the coolest trip i have ever been on and we hope to go back someday.

i knew that there was something different going on with me. i felt kinda funky and i knew it had to be that i was pregnant. i think i took three different pregnancy tests before really believing that it had happened. that night my husband got home i told him what was up but i think he knew what was going on by the look on my face when he walked through the door. even though i had taken three pregnancy tests, he wanted to make sure that it was for real. i made an appointment with my doctor and they told me what i already knew, i was pregnant. it only cost like $70 for them to tell me what i already knew, that was one expensive pee test. they recommended some ob’s for me to see. i was so excited i made an appointment right away.

the first three months were awful. all i wanted to do was lay on the couch cause i felt so sick. it was funny though cause i felt worse at night than i did in the morning. the term morning sickness is funny because it was never really in the morning i felt sick, it was always at night. i didn’t really gain that much weight at first either. i was really hoping to only gain about 30lbs but that didn’t happen, i ended up gaining 40lbs. it was really the end of the 2nd trimester and throughout the 3rd trimester that i gained most of the weight. i always hated that they would weigh you before seeing the doctor at each appointment. i kept thinking they were going to tell me that i needed to watch myself because i did start to gain so much weight. i kept thinking that i wasn’t going to be able to enjoy holiday sweets. like they were going to say no pie for you, you are getting to big. it’s funny because i always thought my tummy would get big like in the movies. my tummy never really looked like most pregnant women. i felt like i just looked like i was fat or something, not like i was pregnant. my little boy was so low down the entire time i think maybe that was the reason why. it’s funny because i would relate stuff that happened to me as not what i had seen in the movies. like when i was about six weeks along and had some spotting i had no idea that was normal. i think that was apart of the implantation. it’s just one of the things that people don’t tell you. there are so many things about pregnancy that people never tell you, i think that’s so women will have babies. if everyone knew what pregnancy was like, a lot of people probably wouldn’t have babies.

i really enjoyed being pregnant. you always hear those horror stories about women being moody because of all those hormones going on. i really was never like that. i tell my husband he was lucky, that he could have been with someone who was completely crazy during the whole thing. the only time i really freaked out on him is when he went out with his friends and stayed over at their place. i got no phone call and i was irate. i really loved being pregnant but by the end i was ready to meet our little jonah. we didn’t know he was a boy until he was born, but we sort of had a feeling it would be a boy. i always had dreams of a little boy, which is why we felt that way.

i can remember when we got to see him for the first time. it was when i was twelve weeks pregnant and we had our first ultrasound. it was so crazy that he already looked like a baby. we also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. it was a really special moment for us. i really felt like this was real. it really stinks that you really don’t get that many ultrasounds though. you really only get to see them a couple of times. we felt lucky to see him numerous times because most people only get the one ultrasound at twenty weeks.

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  1. These moments are so precious... at the end of my yearly blog project I am going to send it off to one of those "make your blog a book" people.