Tuesday, August 21, 2012

coyote ridge hike

Our hike at coyote ridge. We saw a ton of prairie dogs along the way. We also only did a partial hike, as the kids were very heavy to push up the trail. I found out about this place by looking up good hikes for kids. I would say that this hike was not good for my children's age group. They are 1 and 3 and it was definitely not meant for them. I think I was terrified when I saw the sign rattlesnakes in area beware. I really wanted to try something new though. I was terrified for some reason that we were gonna be attacked by the prairie dogs. I wanted a nature hike and that was definitely what we got. After we were done, we enjoyed lunch before packing up and heading home. I would have enjoyed it more had my husband come with us, or just gotten over being so chicken about the prairie dogs and the possibility of seeing a rattlesnake.


  1. Hi Mother of two crazy kids :),
    This is Zoe from the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department. I was pleased to see that you visited Coyote Ridge, but sorry to hear about the prairie dogs and rattlesnakes. I thought you might want to go to sites that are better for toddlers through our Stroller Strolls program. Here is the information about the next one:

    Stroller Stroll
    Monday, September 10, 10-11 a.m.
    Fossil Creek Reservoir Regional Open Space, meet at the program shelter near the parking lot.

    Join other parents in a natural area to learn techniques for teaching your toddler about the outdoors. All you need is a stroller and a toddler! For children three and under. Free, REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Call 970-416-2815 or email naturalareas@fcgov.com.
    - Zoe Whyman, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department Community Relations Manager