Monday, September 13, 2010

Eleanor is here!

Adam, Jonah, and Eleanor
Our ride home
Daddy and his little girl
Mommy and daughter

Eleanor Marie Franklin entered the world on August 23, 2010 at 4:50 am. We are very excited to have our little girl here with us. I went into labor on August 22 around dinner time. We ate dinner, put Jonah to bed, went for a walk, and then headed for the hospital. Everything seemed to go really fast this time. We checked into the hospital around 9pm. I started to have very intense contractions and was already four centimeters when we got there. I got an epidural to help with the pain and soon it was time to push. I actually got to see her head coming out, which I didn't do with Jonah, it was pretty cool. After only a few minutes of pushing, she was here. It was amazing. Our hospital stay went really fast. We checked in Sunday night, she was here early Monday morning, and by Tuesday afternoon we were home.
My dad flew out for the first week to help out, which was awesome. It was really great to have that extra help around the house. It was awesome of my mother to take off that Monday and stay home with Jonah, since we were in the hospital. It was awesome having my parents here to help out.
That weekend was my 29th birthday. We didn't really do a whole lot to celebrate but it was nice all the same. We plan on doing it up next year for my 30th.
Luckily I get twelve weeks off work to spend time with the kids. Unfortunately I do have to go back. I really wish I could just stay home, but that's not realistic for us. Trying to appreciate my time at home with the kids while I got it.

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